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KikuxReader {What is an Otaku?} Hetalia One Shot
H e t a l i a: one shot

"What is an Otaku?"

    "Like I said earlier Squirtle is the cutest Pokémon yet, you just can't beat the originals! Kiku, ya gotta rewatch 'Here comes the Squirtle Squad', here I have the Season DVD," You say, already fumbling with your case collections of Pokémon. You had them all, from Pokémon Black and White to the classic Pokemon: Indigo League. You were a maniac about Pokemon, ever since you were a kid always curling up by the TV watching the very first episodes. You knew every type, season, and Pokemon teams by heart.
    " (f/n)-san , the new X and Y Pokemon is better than the original. Sorry, but you need ret go of the past," Kiku counterattacking your earlier words. Hurtfully, you place your left arm to your heart and gasp. <
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AustriaXShy!Reader The Notes in the Music Room Ch4
Was it only the song your heart speeded up for? Of course it was! You loved music and that was only it, you were sure of it. Slowly, your heart stopped racing as soon as the song ended. Yea, it was only the song.
 ~~~Off to Where Elizaveta`s At~~~
10 minutes. Only 10 minutes left until next period, it felt like forever. Elizaveta had retouched her makeup and did her next period`s homework and now her friends were talking endlessly. Elizaveta felt as though something went wrong. Was (First Name) in trouble? She had to find out.
      "Hey. I need to step out for a bit." Elizaveta outburst in the middle of the girls` conversation.  
    "'Kay Elizaveta. Be back soon Liz. Class gonna start in 10 minutes," Florinda Maes (Belgium) said glaring at her watch. Elizaveta nodded as she ran over to the music room. As she walked, Elizaveta witnessed drops of blood leading up to the music room. Shocked, she walked faster towards the roo
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AustriaXShy!Reader The Notes in the Music Room Ch3
Roderich felt an uneasy feeling behind him. As if someone was there right behind him, stalking his every move.  Curious he turned around as a fist was hurled at the rim of his nose. Causing blood to slowly seep out and dropping him on the floor, the Austrian's glasses scatter nearby. His vision was blurred to see three boys, one blond, one platinum blond, and one brown-haired.
You walked out of your class anxious and a bit worn out. Elizaveta smiled at you and said "Hey (First Name), you sure you don`t want to go with us?"
  Behind Elizaveta were other pretty girls, Elizaveta`s other friends. They did the same thing each Study Hall. Finish up any missing homework, retouching up their makeup, and gossiping. What else? Your (eye color) orbs study Elizaveta`s friends. All though you`ve seen the girls before, plenty of times in fact, you tended to study their life-filled faces. The joy and happiness all over them. The way they leaned by
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AustriaXShy!Reader The Notes in the Music Room Ch2
Everyone`s heads turned to the sound of the door opening. In came, a teacher and a mysterious boy with violet eyes and dark brown hair.
   "Class, I`d like to introduce Roderich Edelstein, a transfer student from Austria. He`ll be a part of this homeroom from now." Introduced the LAL teacher.
 For a moment, a warm feeling spread around your body. Your heart rate`s pace sped up. But just for a moment… right?
    All of a sudden, you heard the sighs of your female lovesick classmates. You rolled your eyes. You didn`t care about boys either. You didn`t need that feeling of love. Music was your passion and your heart and you loved it with all your affection. Even if you couldn`t do anything music-related at home, school was your second choice and option.
    "My name`s Roderich…nice to meet you." Said Roderich, his voice conscious of what he would say. His voice sounded slightly perky with a rich wild accent which didn`t seem to affect most of his words.
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AustriaXShy!Reader The Notes in the Music Room Ch1
"Please wake up Ms. (first name)." said a familiar voice trying to drag you out of bed. Lynette was the only one who could wake you up in a matter of seconds. Not in a rough, unsettling way, but a gentle tug on your shoulder. But obviously she wasn`t there.
    As your mind slowly registers on which maid this was, the young maid kept calling your name to awake. Carol? Sandra? No, that wasn`t it. It was timid voice similar to yours….
   "Lily!" you mumble as your eyes shot wide open to see a young girl with short blonde hair and green eyes.
    "Ms. (first name), your c-clothes are on your bed table. You have to h-hurry t-o b-breakfast, your g-grandmother`s waiting." Stumbled Lily. You nodded your head, tired. She left your bedroom soon afterwards .Another day of school. Grandmother's waiting, huh?
      Memories wash over you. This is indeed your 4th year living with your grandmother ever since you were 12. Your parents were famous musicians
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France X Reader Mermaid in my Dreams Chapter 3
Francis shot up from bed, gasping for air as he would pulled out of his dream. He wanted more than anything to just stay in that dream with the mermaid girl. He wanted to learn more about her. He wanted to know why she kept appearing in his dreams, and why he thought about her every waking moment of the day. Everything about her was just so mysterious. He believed that there was so much he had yet to learn about her.
He wanted to tell someone else about this girl, about how she kept appearing in his dreams night by night. Though if he did that he would probably seem crazy, or they would say it was just a dream. It felt like so much more than a dream to him though. Everything always seemed so real to him. Maybe his dream was real in some sense. He couldn’t just be seeing things when he almost drowned, right?
Francis sighed and made his way out of bed. There was no use pondering on it any longer if he was only going to end up more confused than before, though he wondered why he was
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France X Reader Mermaid in my Dreams Chapter 1
Francis awoke in the middle of the night, just like most nights before. Every night for some time now, he had been having the same dream, and each night the dream seemed to become clearer and clearer, but it still made no sense to him. The first night he had this dream, all he saw was the open sea and nothing more. A few nights after that, he had seen the open blue sky and a shore along the same sea he had seen before.
It was only the past few nights that he had seen her. A strange yet beautiful young girl, sitting on a rock overlooking the sea. It wasn’t until later into the dream that he had realized that a fish-like tail had replaced what should have been legs. She was just sitting there, her back turned to him as she watched out to the sea as the wind blew through her (hl/hc) hair. She never turned his way, so he didn’t see her face. Only her tail and the back of her. He could be going crazy, but he believed that she was an actual mermaid.
If only he knew who she was, o
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When I first created a deviantart account, it was just to read anime fan fictions of the sort. Slowly, as the days came by I had an idea. And this flower of ideas blossomed and grew as days came. Then, for a while that flower began to wilt and the petals flew off somewhere new. But then, I remembered where it all began. Where my ideas first started, deviantart. The flower slowly grew again and now its yet to blossom. An— long story short, I went on hiatus for a while and I'm back.

I want my deviantart account to be better, so I'm back. With the stress of school, its hard but it'll eventually become better. In the meanwhile, I will draw, write, and sing. As equally as "ze awesome Prußen!". You can see that I'm a Hetalian fangirl. Well, yes I am according to my favorites, watchers, and some of my deviants.

I like stuff. I like everything. Nice and interesting things, in fact. I cannot describe this thing of artwork created by me. But I try. So... note me if you want. I'm sorta shy in a few ways but I am logical and sometimes I like yelling at people for doing stupid things. Makes me feel more confident and strong. Gives me such a rush.

For a person who hates writing bios, this is quite a lot. Note me, I like talking to strangers on the internet!

Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
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Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
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Icon created by RevPixy~

Hey my delicious tomatoes and potatoes that I adore with all my might,

    I felt that I needed to finish The Notes in the Music Room ( terrible title), so I will continue it starting next week on Mon. 28 ( since I need to get ready for an all-day trip next Sunday and school is annoying with the Specials ( health, Spanish(oh the Spanish) ) Homework, I can already balance the normal homework but specials' teachers had to be a troll. And the projects. I already had most of the story planned and written in my personal writing notebook but never really got time to type the whole thing. I mean - when my computer went wack, I tried to type with my phone but I couldn't save, any time then trying to type it out I'd end up not saving soooo this happened -

  I noticed how people was putting the Notes in the Music in their favorites and all that stuff, I just had to recontinue it again. So get ready I guess because I will within the next week.


                                                                                            Love you~:bademoticon: Pikachu Loves It Plz 


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